What Frontier Wrestling Organization is all about

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What Frontier Wrestling Organization is all about Empty What Frontier Wrestling Organization is all about

Post  Alexander Conway on Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:55 am

You are probably asking yourself either one or both of these next two questions.

What is Frontier Wrestling Organization?
Frontier Wrestling Organization is a federation on TWG. (Duh) This federation is geared to be more of a training/working/developmental area, rather than a full-blown federation competing for the top spot. What I'd like to see are most of the members who come onto the forum giving each other helpful critism while also giving themselves critism. This fed is also here to help lower entranced people acquire more entrances, so that they may be able to move on to greener pastures later on. This federation still needs to have decent ticket sales to stay in business, so this is mainly accomplished through high merc bonuses.

Why are we here?
Well, that should be kind of obvious. You're here because you either want a place to try and improve your RPing skills, you want to increase your entrances, or you came to assist in keeping this fed standing.

You may have a few other questions, like these:

What type of characters and storylines do FWO feature?
FWO will be diverse, any character or storyline is welcome. If a storyline includes another character, the possibilites are only limited by what every person involved can agree on.

Will matches be edited?
Yes and no. Most of the time I will let them play out. I believe it will make you a better RPer if you are forced to adapt to the situation, rather than making RPs for an expected outcome. The only times matches will be edited are when they are needed to be for a storyline, or for the champions when I choose to keep their reign going for a longer amount of time or want a more active player to take the title

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