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Post  William Vega on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:30 am

Wrestler Name: William Vega

Alignment: Heel

Height/Weight: 6'6" 293 pounds

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Man On a Mission

Short Bio: William Vega is a 24 year old professional wrestler from Columbus Ohio. He began his training for wrestling at the age of 17, and debuted a few months later. So far, despite his size advantage, he's enjoyed a very minimal amount of success. His continued failures are shown by both his win/loss record and by the fact that he has never won a championship. Desperate not to let his run with FWO end up like the rest of his career, William Vega is prepared to do whatever it takes to make 2011 his breakout year.

Finisher: Comatose - William Vega lifts the opponent onto his shoulders before driving them head and neck first into the top turnbuckle. Keeping his hold he quickly charges across the ring to drive them into a second turnbuckle.
William then drives them into a third turnbuckle before dropping the opponent to the mat with a Death Valley Driver executing a devastating Comatose

Wrestler Pic: William Vega Matt_c11

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