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Post  The Random on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:21 am

Name: The Random

Alignment: Face/Tweener

Gender: Male

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

Height: 6"4

Weight: 245 lbs

Random Double-Leg Bind (Sharpshooter)
Meaningless Descent (Multiple German Suplex)
Back-Alley Spine Surgery (Vertebreaker)


The Random Driver
The Random Ducks under a punch from his opponent and places his head underneath his opponents armpit
The Random then lifts him onto his shoulders before swinging his opponent into a front slam executing a devastating The Random Driver

The Random Leg Vice
The Random Grabs hold of his opponents right ankle and places his right leg over the knee
He then falls towards the opponent and uses his left leg to close the hold before twisting the ankle executing a devastating The Random Leg Vice

The Random didn't have an easy childhood, his parents were belligerent alcoholics, his classmates would constantly pick on him and attack him whenever nobody else was watching and he had been severely injured by complete strangers three times by the age of 13. At the age of 16 following a particular savage beating at the hands of his Father over a lost bet that he had nothing to do with, The Random left home, however life on the streets proved no easier and The Random was forced to participate in dangerous and illegal street fighting competitions in order to make a living. In a years time The Random had built a solid reputation and was the target of choice of many hopefuls willing to make a name for themselves and enjoyed major success until on July 18th, 2008 The Random was arrested after a tip-off from an anonymous source whose identity he never found out. The next year was worse than anything The Random had ever experienced mostly due to prison life and following the end of his sentence started drifting between various jobs. The Random eventually decided to get into Wrestling after noticing a poster during his failed stint as a mall janitor.

After making an excellent impression outside of federations, The Random signed up with an up-and-coming Federation called Wrestling Perfection Federation, however the promotion was short-lived with The Random winning his only match, after drifting between more jobs, he then joined Titan's Battlefield wrestling, however he failed to make an impact on TBW Sky of Fire, defeating Dude Fire by disqualification, and then losing to The Great Muta. The Random then took a break from active competition in order to tune up his skills.

As he was about to make his return to TBW the promotion announced its closure, leaving The Random with little direction until he heard that WPF was being re-opened. The Random immediately caught the attention of a new wrestler call Tom BlackHeart, but before the two could face off, BlackHeart was attacked and injured by a hooded man, on the next WPF show, The Random was named as a contender to the WPF United States Championship against a new wrestler by the name of Signore Di Inferno. This escalated into a war of words leading into WPFs first ever PPV Night of Perfection. Unfortunately the show was sabotaged, causing the match to be cancelled.

At the start of the next Season of WPF, The Random faced Signore in a singles match which ended in a No-Contest after Eric "The Beat" Thompson interfered and attacked both competitors, This led to Eric facing and defeating both Signore and Random in singles matches and adding himself to the title match at the rescheduled Night of Perfection, however The Randoms luck turned around when he pinned Eric at the PPV to become the WPF United States Champion.

The jubilation of The Randoms victory was short-lived as WPF announced it's second closure immediately after Night of Perfection, The Random among other WPF wrestlers found himself in a new promotion called RWE. This was short-lived as well, closing after one season with the Random on an unenviable record of 0-2-1, after getting on RWE General Manager Blake Lawson's bad side.

The Random had trouble finding a promotion to take him in for the next few months before getting a call from WPF GM John Anderson, who was considering giving WPF one last try. The Random agreed and was reinstated as the United States champion that immediately caught the attention of Eric "The Beast" Thompson. This led to a brutal backstage brawl that would mark Eric's last ever appearance in WPF, following the disposal of his old rival, The Random found himself on the wrong side of his new #1 contender, Tormiento. However after weeks of intimidation The Random defeated Tormiento at Rise from the Ashes to retain the title.

The next season started out with Random scoring a one-sided victory over a new competitor named Phon, leading to him asking why John Anderson hasn't been giving him any established opponents, this was answered by another new wrestler, Jesse "The Punisher" Lexington, The Random brushed him aside noting that he had only wrestled one match and didn't deserve a shot. Jesse would go on to defeat The Random in a non-title match, via a chair shot. This would turn out to be The Randoms last match in WPF as the promotion announced its final closure.

After a few weeks, The Random signed with a new promotion called FWO and is planning to make a bigger impact than before... Unfortunately this did not come to pass as The Randoms debut was interrupted by another debuting wrestler named Skipo, after a short argument between the two Skipo would go on to cost The Random his debut match against Blu, things did not get better for The Random as he would go on to lose his next match against Hazzard and at FWO's PPV The Random would lose to Skipo himself

Match History
WPF: The Random def. Marc Escayg (Pin)
TBW Sky of Fire: The Random def. Dude Fire (DQ)
TBW Sky of Fire: The Great Muta def. The Random (Pin)
WPF: The Random def. Hotfire (Pin)
WPF: The Random vs Signore di Inferno went to a no-contest (Double DQ)
WPF: Eric "The Beast" Thompson def The Random (Pin)
WPF Night of Perfection: The Random def. Signore di Inferno & Eric "The Beast" Thompson(Pinfall on Eric)
RWE Revolution: Handaresch def. The Random
RWE System Overload: The Random vs "The Snowstorm" Blake Lawson went to a no-contest (Double count out
RWE Draft: "The Snowstorm" Blake Lawson & Fissure def. The Random & Abyssos (Fissure pinfall on Abyssos)
WPF: The Random def. Eric "The Beast" Thompson (DQ)
WPF: The Random def. Eric "The Beast" Thompson (KO)
WPF: The Random def. Suleyman (Pin)
WPF Rise from the Ashes: The Random def Tormiento (Pin)
WPF: The Random def. Phon (Pin)
WPF: Jesse "The Punisher" Lexington def The Random (Pin)
FWO Coalition of Competition: Blu def The Random (Pin)
FWO Coalition of Competition: Hazzard def The Random (Submission)
FWO FutureShock: Skipo def The Random (Pin)

WPF Unites States Champion (Won 9/5/10, Held until WPFs closure)

Picture: Will be posted later

Entrance Theme: "I'm Alive" by Disturbed

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The Random Empty Re: The Random

Post  Alexander Conway on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:37 am

There went the short bio aspect Very Happy, but awesome none the less.
Alexander Conway
Alexander Conway

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The Random Empty Re: The Random

Post  The Random on Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:18 am

UPDATED: New Finisher, Updated bio

The Random

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The Random Empty Re: The Random

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