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Post  Mein Teil on Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:49 am

Wrestler Name: Mein Teil

Alignment: Face

Height/weight: 6'7"/295 pounds

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Young Face, willing to help anybody

Short Bio: Mein Teil was born in Germany, but at age 5 his parents moved to South Africa, where he grew up to admire professional wrestling. He decided that he also wanted to be a wrestler, going through a lot of trouble to actually get information about what he needed to do Mein Teil started to work hard to achieve his dream. Through many trials and errors Mein Teil finally got the break he needed and actually impressed the free circuit fan base. After wrestling a few years Mein Teil gained the adoration of the fans as he always took time to talk to them, pose for photo's and give his signature, when he got offered a contract to join FWO, it was unexpected, but he signed and now is waiting to see what the first Federation season offers him.


Pardon Me
Mein Teil sizes [nome] up and kicks [nome] in the face executing a light Pardon Me

Night at the Movies
Mein Teil kicks [nome] in the gut grabs [nome] 's arms and hook them behind [nome] 's head executing a light Night At The Movies

Chokeslam from Hell
Mein Teil grabs [nome] by the throat lift [nome] up and slam [nome] into the ground executing a devastating Chokeslam From Hell

Wrestler Pic: Mein Teil's Gimmick Wrasler
Mein Teil
Mein Teil

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