Snakefist's First Interview in FWO

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Snakefist's First Interview in FWO Empty Snakefist's First Interview in FWO

Post  Snakefist on Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:59 pm

Jennifer Bennett is standing backstage as Snakefist arrives at the arena dressed in loose workout pants and a sleeveless shirt with a canvas bag slung over his shoulder. He is walking swiftly and whistling a song to himself.

Jennifer Bennett: Snakefist! Welcome to FWO. Do you have a minute for a few words for the audience?

Snakefist: Sure do!! I am excited to be part of the federation and looking forward to my first match. Have you seen the card yet? Am I on it? I can't wait to get into the ring!!!

Jennifer Bennett: Well, it's not finalized yet but you are in a tag match with Philthy Phil Powers against NATTO and Statistician. How do you feel about that?

Snakefist: Sounds good to me. Since I'm new I don't know any of these guys so will just get out there and do my best. I always use my speed to run around the ring and keep myself ahead of my opponents. With a superstar partner watching my back, it can only be better!! I would be happy to be out there every show and go up against the biggest and baddest that FWO has to offer, no matter how difficult it is...maybe I can be champ some day!!!

Jennifer Bennett: Well you certainly sound excited.

Snakefist: I am!! If you'll excuse me, I want to get to the gym and start my workout. You can never work out too much.

Snakefist runs down the hall towards the training room. Jennifer Bennett stares into the camera.

Jennifer Bennett: OK then, I guess that's the interview.


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