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Post  Kagutsuchi on Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:01 am

Luke Forrester: “Today we’re going to get the chance to Interview the new arrival before his match later tonight”

The voice from the Titan tron sounding a little laboured as Luke Forrester quickly makes his way from a narrow corridor to a darkened room. The room almost empty other than the Television which was the only source of light and a chair which sat just in front of the television.

Luke Forrester: “Where is he?”

The Cameraman entering the room behind Luke starts sweeping his camera from side to side surveying the room, finally resting once again on Luke Forrester.

Luke Forrester: “It appears the Interview will have...”

The camera falls to the ground landing on its side and once again the voice of Luke Forrester can be heard.

Luke Forrester: “Wait stop, No Please”

Then nothing but silence. Seconds after Luke’s pleas fell silent images can seen on the Titan tron all on their side, a man’s face not showing clearly due to how close he is to the lens, back in the room backstage two men lie unconscious on the floor as the third now knelt down to stare into the camera.

Kagutsuchi: “A new era is born in the FWO, Kagutsuchi has arrived”


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