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Staff of FWO (Non-Wrestlers) Empty Staff of FWO (Non-Wrestlers)

Post  Alexander Conway on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:10 pm

Here is all of the staff that is employed by the FWO. Most can be used in RPs, but please try and keep them in character. All the staff are American except for Oliver Evans, who is British. The GM character will only be used by the VGMs. (Unless you get my permission of course)

General Manager: Christopher Owens - Power hungry and greedy, Christopher doesn't mess around. He expects his word to be law and doesn't accept anyone going against him.

Commentator: Dale McCoy - Older gentleman who respects good sportsmanship. He hates to see interference, weapons, or low blows ruin a good match.

Color Commenator: Oliver Evans - Unlike Dale, Oliver loves to see weapons and one-sided beatdowns. He thinks you should do whatever you can to win, even if it is against the rules.

Backstage Interviewer: Jennifer Bennett - FWO's interviewer, she tries to get both sides of every story.

Backstage Interviewer: Luke Forrester - FWO's second interviewer, he tries to get both sides of every story.

Trainer: Thomas Reynolds - Helps the wrestlers improve their form and workout regiments. He isn't big in terms of size, but knows how to get the most out of a workout. He is also a mixed martial arts expert.

Doctor: Allison Hadley - The doctor for FWO. If you have an injury or ailment, she'll try to help.

Ring Announcer: Taryn Shay - Pretty and charming....what else is there to say? She is a ring announcer after all.

Referee: John Davis - An average referee who abides by the rules. He tries to keep things clean, but he isn't perfect or all-seeing. He is very unbiased.
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