Another Beginning (Show 1)

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Another Beginning (Show 1) Empty Another Beginning (Show 1)

Post  The Random on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:23 am

(OORP: Add this after one of the early matches)

The crowd start to calm down after the ending of the previous match, waiting to see what happens next

Suddenly "I'm Alive" by Disturbed hits the speakers, prompting the arrival of another wrestler

Dale: And it looks like we have a new wrestler who wants to introduce himself

Oliver: If that's the case, I probably won't like him

Suddenly a man with long, dark hair walks out onto the stage, wearing black leather pants and a black tank-top

A sizeable portion of the crowd pop upon seeing this man

Dale: I think I know this guy...

The man points towards a section of the crowd, acknowledging the fans before walking down the ramp

Oliver: Well how about enlightening those of us who don't?

The man continues walking down the ramp, stopping at the bottom and looking into the camera with a grin that says "Yeah, It's happening!"

Dale: If I remember correctly, he calls himself "The Random" and has actually held championship gold in other promotions

The Random walks around the ring to the announcers table and collects a mic from a ringside assistant

Oliver: What kind of idiotic name is that?

The Random slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He then waits for the fans to quiet down before raising the mic to his lips

The Random: I don't know what to say anymore...
Here I was, ready to make one hell of a first impression...
And yet it sounds like most, if not all of you seem to know who I am...
But for the benefit of those of you who don't...
I am The Random!

The Random stops momentarily to collect his thoughts
And while most of you know me as the only WPF United States Champion...
I'm not resting on those laurels...
As far as I'm concerned, I lost that championship when I clung stubbornly to a dying promotion...
That was all in the past!
What truly matters is what happens now and where I go from here...
How many of you are with me!!!

The Random raises his left fist in the air to another pop from the fans
And if anyone in the locker room disagrees, then I challenge you to come out and face me now!
The Random turns to face the stage, waiting for a potential rival

(OORP: Skipo can feel free to add in his bit, otherwise just add the next part in)

The Random continues to wait for an opponent and after several minutes he shakes his head in disbelief, drops the mic and begins to make his way backstage

The Random

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Another Beginning (Show 1) Empty Re: Another Beginning (Show 1)

Post  Skipo on Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:39 pm

Suddenly Thunderstruck from AcDc is pumped out of the speekers and The randoms face turns serious instead of laughing
Dale: I dont think this is going the right way Oliver.. And that already in our First Show!
Oliver: What the hell are you talking about? I like this guy already!
The crowd is looking at the wrestler who's walking confidential towards the ring.
The wrestler takes the mic from The Random and both wrestlers are starring at eachother for a second

Skipo: DUDE! Your just here for five freaking minutes and i already do not like you!
For the people who dont now me.. SCREW YOU!

The crowd starts booing
Dale: Okay.. That wasn't so nice and thats not a very good first impression if you ask me
Oliver: No way, he's totally right! I love this guy!

Skipo: You can't be serious about yourself can you? Look at your hair, I persume your Barber died? and LEATHER PANTS!? Correct me if im wrong but i think... that was cool.. in the 80's ?
Skipo Starts laughing about his own jokes
Olivier: And thats what i thought to! This guy is totally right!
Dale: What!? I think his clothes are good! and his hair is okay if you ask me..
Olivier: And thats why youre a single Dale..
Skipo: Dude, Im gonna make your live at PWL a living HELL!
Skipo Throws the mic at The Randoms face and both wrestlers are getting in a fight

Olivier: Thats how we do it Skipo! Beat the living shit out of that dude!
Dale: Somebody Call the Security!
Suddenly there are storming 25 security guards in the ring holding the wrestlers apart

(Maybe the Gm comes in here and schedule us for a fight?)

Both wrestlers are taken backstage by plenty of security guards
Dale: Thank god it's over! I hope The Random is alright!
Olivier: Damn those security guards! We were about to see a great hardcore beating here! Skipo would cut The Random in Pieces!
Dale: Olivier you really underastimate The Random!
Olivier: We will see!

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