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Post  la meako on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:10 am

Wrestler Name: La meako

Alignment: Mostly tweener slightly hinting towards being a face

Height/weight: 6ft 3" and 265lbs

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Lone man

Short Bio: La meako (real name Stephen Meakin) grew up in a city in England called Birmingham with his family of three, him, his brother michael, and their mother. Tales of their deceased father who died in the war are constantly told to them by their mother.(A mexican man who died in a car crash several months after the birth of the younger brother, michael. And how he used to belong to an old wrestling firm using the old luchador style.) After this, both the brothers knew they wanted to be wrestler when they grew up. However, after a grim accident which left his mother paralysed meant that Michael had to give up on their dream to look after their mother. so with the instilled hopes and ambitions of both him and his brother, La Meako went abroad in search of his dreams and a new chapter in his life

Finisher(s): The english channel
la meako grabs the opponents neck from behind and lifts him up in a reverse suplex type of manner
and slams him on the mat head first, it was all very civillised executing a devastating The English Channel

Wrestler Pic:

la meako

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