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Introducing Connoly Empty Introducing Connoly

Post  Connoly on Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:29 pm

Wrestler Name: Connoly (full name David Connoly)

Alignment: Heel

Height/weight: 6'5" 280 lbs

Gender: Male

Gimmick: A veteran in the business Connoly commands respect, he still thinks he's the best there is in this business, and feels most of the younger wrestlers in the business don't know anything about real wrestling.

Short Bio: Raised in the mean streets of Belfast Ireland, Connoly has been fighting since he could walk. Originally a boxer, winning several small championship titles in small promotions by age 19 he felt there was no longer a challenge he turned to professional wrestling. He is as tough and ruthless as they come. Connoly has been in countless federations throughout his career and has had plenty of gold around his waist. However, he has never held the top title at any federation. Connoly recently came out of retirement vowing to finally claim the one thing he has never had, the top spot in a major federation.

Bloody Sunday: Connoly bounces off the ropes and runs towards opponent
lifts leg and kicks opponent in the jaw with the heel of his boot executing a devastating Bloody Sunday

Irish Car Bomb:
Connoly lifts the opponent into the air and slams him against the turnbuckle grabs opponents throat places him on the top rope pulls opponent violently from the top ropes and slams him onto the mat executing a devastating Irish Car Bomb

Belfast Slam: Connoly lifts the opponent on his shoulders
and slams him on the mat head first executing a devastating Belfast Slam

Wrestler Pic: Introducing Connoly Connol11

Introducing Connoly Connol12


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