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Post  Rikishi on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:06 am

Wrestler Name: Rikishi

Alignment: Tweener

Height/weight: 6'1"ft/455 lbs

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Rikishi isn't one who strives on being the best in the federation. He focuses more on having fun in the ring along with trying to keep the crowd entertained. Whether that means he has to win the match, or just have fun by embarrassing his opponent in the ring with his giant rear end. Gm's usually place Rikishi in the ring with wrestler's who don't know their place in the business.

Short Bio: Rikishi's career first started out during his high school year. As a high school student he was always teased by others due to his weight. Numerous high school fights showed rikishi his weight wasn't a weakness, but rather one of his greatest strength's. As his high school years came to an end, Rikishi quickly got into a backyard wrestling federation. From than on his career began to sky rocket. He was offered a contract with a national federation, where he spent a couple of years. As the contract came to an end, Rikishi was offered another contract into the FWO.

-Stinkface (Rikishi throws his opponent into the turnbuckle. He then begins to patt his ass. He charges toward his opponent and hits him with his ass causing him to fall into a sitting position. Rikishi then walks over towards his opponent and turns himself around. He then begins to humiliate his opponent by rubbing his ass in his opponent's face executing a devastating Stinkface)
-Atomic Ass Bomb (Rikishi stands over his opponent head and stares at his opponent. He begins to taunt him by smacking his ass cheeks. He then runs over to a nearby turnbuckle. Rikishi climbs onto the top rope and leaps into the air. He then comes crashing down onto his opponent's face using his ass executing a devastating Atomic Ass Bomb)
-Ass pin (Rikishi grabs his opponent and throws him onto the mat. Rikishi stands over his lying opponent's face and begins to taunt him by smacking his ass. Rikishi drops on to his opponent's face and begins to smother it with his ass executing an devastating Ass Pin)

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