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Backstage Interview with Teddy Jones Empty Backstage Interview with Teddy Jones

Post  Teddy Jones on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:00 pm

Backstage at FWO.
Jennifer Bennett: Ladies and Gentlemen, next to me, Teddy Jones! Hello Teddy

Teddy Jones: Hey Jenny..Damn Mama, still so hot...

Jennifer Bennett: uhm..anyway, what's your first impression of the FWO after spending some time here in this Company?

Teddy Jones: Listen to this...

Some Fans are shouting Teddy Jones' Name

Teddy Jones: That's just awesome! The things i've seen here so far are some fans yellin' my name despite the fact, that I never entered that ring here and a hot...Jennifer...Damn Hot.. * He looks at Jennifer closely* ...Donut Store, right at the corner!

Fans laugh, as Jennifer seems a little bit disappointed

Teddy Jones: With all seriousness, there is someone, I'd like to talk about...that Mein Teil Guy, is this correct?

Jennifer Bennett: Oh, you mean our German Superstar?

Teddy Jones: Hold the crap back! * Mocks Jenny's Voice* "German Superstar". I'd rather say, German Donutstar! That fatty... By the way; Here Jenny, I've brought you the newest edition of a Duden, which is a German-English Dictionary! Now look for the word Teil!

Jennifer Bennett looks for it, as it takes some time, Teddy Jones makes some funny moves before he acts like he's sleeping, receiving some pops

Jennifer Bennett: I found it!!!

Teddy Jones: Blue Hell on earth, don't scream like that! Gosh...Anyway, what does "Teil" mean?

Jennifer Bennett: It says " thing "

Teddy Jones: So here we are, we have a "German Superstar", fatty and biggy like a hill giant, calling himself " my thing...". Now honest...on which direction does he want to change our focus on with that name?

Fans laugh

Jennifer Benett: I don't know...maybe he means his..
Teddy suddently interrupts
Teddy Jones: Alright don't say that word! Otherwhise, that big tele-tubbies, nickelodeon wrestling company would sue us for not supporting their PG-Thing!

Fans laugh again, Teddy receive some pops

Anyway: Fans of FWO, General Manager I don't know his name, nevermind: The Best One has spoken, and that "Volltrottel" should have listened to it... Wasn't that special?

Jones leaves, receiving some pops and cheers.

Teddy Jones

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