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Some free time?

Post  la meako on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:31 pm

*the camera opens to FWO interviewer Luke forrester standing outside of a locker room door*

Luke Forrester: "Hello FWO fans and right now i am outside the locker room of one of the participants in the competitions tonight, La Meako. Now La Meako has been pretty quiet since coming to the FWO but i'm here to get his comments about his upcoming match."

*Luke knocks on the door, after no reply he proceeds to open the door to which we are greeted by the sight of a sleeping La Meako on the bench next to the lockers*

Luke: "Hey, what the hell?" *he proceeds to nudge the sleeping star* "excuse me, La Meako, I believe i spoke to you earlier about coming to interview you before the match, uhh hello?" *he proceeds to nudge him again*

La Meako: "hhmmm? What? Oh, are you here already...ermm interviewer person. I thought you said a few minutes before my match not a few hours before. What the hell?"

Luke: "As i said before my name is Luke Forrester, and IT IS a few minutes before your match with Skipo. is it really okay to sleep this close up to your match, don't you have to stretch or get mentally prepared or something?"

La Meako: "nah, i'm not really into that kinda thing unless it's a really important match, afterall it's my first match in this federation, how exactly can i think of a prematch plan before i manage to see him in there myself, long did you say until my match?"

Luke Forrester: "um well by my watch it's about 5 minutes until your going to be expected to enter the ring depending on how fast the match before you finishes. But anyway, do you have anything to say to Skipo before getti-"

La Meako : Sorry man, i'll talk to you in the future fully, but i just havent got the time now, see ya in a while. Oh and tell Skipo i'll see him out there, if i don't see him first that is."

*With this la Meako started running towards the door to the locker room before hastily making his way to the waiting area. The screen goes blank*

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