Preparing for the next match

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Preparing for the next match Empty Preparing for the next match

Post  Snakefist on Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:53 pm

It's early morning and Jennifer Bennett is walking past the gym with a cameraman to get ready for work and hears loud thundering booms. She waves the camera to follow her as she opens the door to check out the sounds. They zoom across the room to see Snakefist kicking a punching bag so hard he is folding it in half each time he strikes it.

Jennifer Bennett: Hey Snakefist, do you have time for a quick word?

Snakefist: Sure.

Jennifer Bennett: What are you doing here so early in the morning?

Snakefist: My last match ended in a loss so I need to be better prepared for the next one. The only answer I have for losing is to train harder for next time.

Jennifer Bennett: Your tag team lost but your partner was the one they did everything you could.

Snakefist: My partner was pinned but he also saved me from being pinned a few times earlier in the match. This means I could have been the one pinned. That leads me back to needing to work harder for my next match. Back at the temple we woke up early everyday and trained for the entire day. Too much sleeping in has made me softer....I need to get back to training like a monk. Please excuse me as I get back to it.

Snakefist jumps, spins and kicks the bag again with a thundering boom. The camera shakes as the sound is so loud that it startles the cameraman.

Jennifer Bennett:
Well thanks for your time.


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