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Post  Connoly on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:09 am

'Candence to Arms' by Dropkick Murphys hits the arena loudspeakers. after a few moments Connoly walks out onto the stage. He walks to the top of the ramp, his usual smirk on his face as he glances around the arena. He is wearing his usual green plaid kilt and white t-shirt, and a long black coat. Connoly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, the crowd shouting a mix of boo's and cheers. Connoly pauses for a moment as he sees a young boy holding a camera, the boy appears to be motioning for Connoly to come over and take a picture with him. Surprisingly, Connoly walks over and puts his arm around the boy, the boy quickly holds the camera up and takes a picture. The look of joy on the boys face suddenly turns to horror as Connoly suddenly grabs the camera out of the boys hand and throws in onto the arena floor. The boy starts to cry as he watches the camera smash to pieces, suddenly the boys father tries to climb over the barricade, Connoly steps back laughing as the man struggles to get over the barricade. Before the man can get over security rushes over and holds the man back, Connoly continues to laugh, he gives the man the two-fingered salute, before making his way to the ring. Connoly grabs a mic and rolls into the ring, he walks to the middle of the ring still laughing as he stretches his arms out to his side and leans his head back as the arena echoes with the deafening sound of boo's.

Connoly: "Oh booooooo! It's my fault that dumb kid didn't realize the mistake he was making, hey, that's how we learn mates. Look at dad down there, I don't know why security came out to stop him, there is no way chubs was going to make it over that barricade."

The camera switches over to the boys father, he shouts something towards Connoly as he attempts to get over the barricade again before security stops him again.

Connoly: "Oh, come on security, let him go, like I said, he ain't getting over that barricade. Even if you did chubs, what are you going to do after that!? Come in this ring and attack me, I dare you you fat bastard, I'd crush that skull of yours before you were finished climbing into the ring!!"

The crowd erupts in boos again.

Connoly: "Anyway, back to business, last week was my debut match, my first match since coming out of retirement, a match against First Shot,. Yeah, that's his name, I double checked, I don't get it either. Now, luckily for First Shot, I still had a little ring rust to shake off, so he held his own at the start of that match. However, it didn't take long for that ring rust to fall off and everything to come flooding back. After a few mighty devastating moves, First Shot was out, the first victim in my rise to the top. I didn't even have to break out a trademark move or one of my deadly finishers, wasn't even necessary, just a few high impact moves, and that was all she wrote for ol' First Shot.
Well, tonight is match number two, against Suicide6, you heard right Suicide6. I don't know were you morons come up with these names, but maybe it would be more beneficial to spend the time it takes coming up with this crap to actually work on your wrestling skills. Now if I were Suicide6 I would just forfeit now, as a matter fact it would probably be in his best interest to take that name to heart and off himself. Ahhhh, but he won't, nope he won't, he's going to come down that ramp and climb into this ring with some delusion that he's going to take out a legend. He will think he can beat this old man in no time, and in the process make a name for himself. Of course, just the opposite will happen, he will suffer the same fate as First Shot, he'll be laid out in this ring, bloody and beaten, and I, will once again prove to all of you inbred screwtards why I'm a legend in this business, and these other clowns are nothing more then glorified, no talent, third-rate, amateurs. Suicide6 will be number two in my path of destruction, just another notch in my belt on my way to the Championship."

Connoly drops the mic as the crowd boos.

OCC- I'm leaving the end open, if someone wants to come out and join the rp, feel free.


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