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Getting ready for anything Empty Getting ready for anything

Post  Mein Teil on Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:05 pm

Mein Teil walks down the hallway and pushes open the door to the gym, he pulled off his t-shirt and went over to the bench, he set up the weights that he wanted and got on the bench and started to lift the weights, breathing deeply each time he pushed the weights up above him. After a set of repetitions the trainer comes walking over and helped Mein Teil to set the bar into the arms.

Trainer: "So just what do you plan to do?"

Mein Teil frowns at him

Mein Teil: "What do you mean?"

The trainer shrugged

Trainer: "Well you are in here lifting weights, what do you intend?"

Mein Teil: "I am just preparing for my next match"

Trainer: "If I look at your last match I think you need more than just weights"

Mein Teil frowned

Mein Teil: "What would you suggest then?"

Trainer: "Tell you what, you finish with the weights and then come on over to my office and I'll give you something to work with"

Mein Teil: "Thanks I'll do just that"

The trainer nodded

Trainer: "It is what I'm paid to do"

The trainer wanders away and Mein Teil sets back to continue with his weight training
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