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Laying down the challenge Empty Laying down the challenge

Post  The Random on Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:53 am

"I'm Alive" by Disturbed hits the speakers prompting the arrival of The Random

Oliver: And look what the cat drags in... I thought this guy left after Blu and Skipo humiliated him a week ago

The Random walks out to a positive reaction from the fans

Dale: Clearly he hasn't left and by the looks of it, he may have something to say on the matter

The Random walks down the ramp, acknowledging some of the fans as he passes them

Oliver: Every other time he's stepped in this ring, somebody has had the courtesy to beat the crap out of him... Lets just hope that whoever does it this time puts an end to this no-name once and for all!

The Random stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around the arena

Dale: Let's not count The Random out just yet, he does have some impressive victories under his belt...

The Random walks around the ring to collect a mic from a rinside assistant

Oliver: If you're talking about the other two-bit promotions he has wrestled for than you may be right but this is FWO we're talking about, he is 0-1 and I don't see anything going into the win column anytime soon if Skipo has anything to say about it...

The Random slides under the bottom rope, stands up and walks to the center of the ring, raising the mic to his lips

The Random: As far as debuts go, I could have done better...
Actually, let me rephrase that...
I should have done better!
I was facing a tough opponent in the form of Blu...
A man who seemed to have me outclassed and beaten from bell to bell!

The Random shakes his head in disbelief

But that isn't what gets on my nerves...
I'm not one to make fraudulent excuses for why I lost...
What got me is that is the fact that my opponent seemed to be working with the guy who has been trying to get under my skin at every turn...
And before i could make any heroic comebacks I ended up on the wrong end of a steel chair...

The Random walks over to the ropes facing the stage

Skipo... You wanted my attention and now you have got it!
If you really want to get rid of me that badly, you'll have no problem with facing me in a match this time next week!
How about it, are you going to take the challenge like the man you say you are...
Or are you just going to stay back there and wait for me to force the words out of your mouth!

The Random lowers the mic and takes a breath...

(OOC: Your turn Skipo)

(OOC: Since I posted this close to Showtime I might as well add a bit in case Skipo doesn't respond)

A few moments pass with no response from anybody else

If that's how you want to play, fine! but know this...
I don't care how it happens, I will get that match against you!

The Random drops the mic and starts to make his way backstage

The Random

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Laying down the challenge Empty Re: Laying down the challenge

Post  Skipo on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:06 am

Thunderstruck from AcDc is played while skipo is walking down the apron

Olivier: I was suspecting that, Skipo is not a man who let an opertunity like this pass

Skipo walks to The Random and snatches the mic of him

Skipo: Finally, I thought you would never ask!
your pathetic and i will show everyone here that you are nothing more then a stupid clown
A wrestler who think he can become a champion here.

Skipo Stands face to face with The Random now

Skipo: To bad im in your way!
But i won't beat you up tonight!
You better prepare for our match!
I dont want you to have any excuses for the way im gonna beat you next week!

Thunderstruck from AcDc is played when skipo walks backstage, the crowd is booing while hes walking down the apron

Dale: Well thats clear, Im glad skipo doesnt cheap shot the random again, The random doesn't deserves that!

Olivier: Im dissapointed in him.. he should have punished the random for his big talk, but i bet he will in their match next week, i cant wait to see Skipo beat this stupid guy.

Dale: Olivier you really underastimate the random, i think he makes a great chance against skipo

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