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The Big match Empty The Big match

Post  Skipo on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:25 pm

Jennifer Bennett is walking backstage when she hear someone working out in the gym, she decides to take a look

The camera follows and show us skipo who's working out and pumping himself up for his match tonight

Jennifer Bennett: Hey Skipo, haven't seen you so pumped up before? what about it ?

Skipo Seemed annoyed

Skipo: Big match tonight.

Jennifer frowns

Jennifer Bennett: cocky as always..

Skipo: What did you say!?

Jennifer Bennett: nothing, but why youre working out this hard?

Skipo: already told you.. big match tonight you silly..

Jennifer Bennett: you always have a match what makes this one so "big"?

Skipo sights

Skipo: I, Skipo, One of the greatest wrestlers of the FWO can finally destroy the little cockroach who calls himself "the random"
I have been waiting for this moment from the beginning, and now when ive got it, I wont fuck it up for sure!

Jennifer Bennett: So this time you wont beat the random up with chairs or any cheapshots?

Skipo looks angry

Skipo: What the..
you now what, i can beat him with one hand binded on my back, but i just want to destroy him, and i will do everything to accomplish that!
so when your done, please get the hell out of my training room and let me prepare for a destructive night!

Jennifer Bennett: thanks for your time!

Skipo: Get lost!

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