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Format for character introduction Empty Format for character introduction

Post  Alexander Conway on Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:45 pm

Wrestler Name: Your wrestler's name.

Alignment: Is your wrestler a good guy, (face), a bad guy, (heel), or a neutral character? (Tweener)

Height/weight: How tall is your wrestler and how much does s/he weigh?

Gender: Is your wrestler male, female, half and half, or unknown?

Gimmick: What gimmick will your wrestler portray? (Overconfident Prima Donna, Foriegn Star, Happy Go Lucky face, etc.)

Short Bio: Tell us a little about your wrestler.

Finisher(s): What is your wrestler's finisher on TWG?

Wrestler Pic: What picture would you like to be used for your wrestler? (No pictures involving a wrestler currently signed to the WWE, any picture that has a WWE logo, or any inappropriate pictures)
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