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Your New FWO World Heavyweight Champion Empty Your New FWO World Heavyweight Champion

Post  Connoly on Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:59 pm

'Candence to Arms' by Dropkick Murphys hits the arena loudspeakers, after a few moments Connoly walks out from backstage, he has on jeans, a black dress shirt, a long black coat,and the FWO World Heavyweight Belt draped over his shoulder. He stops on the ramp, grabs the belt, and holds it above his head as fireworks go off behind him. He has a huge smirk on his face as his eyes scan the crowd. He tosses the FWO belt back over his shoulder and starts to walk down the aisle towards the ring, the fans booing and yelling insults as he passes them, Connoly just continues to smile as he makes his way to the ring. Connoly climbs into the ring and walks over to one of the ring posts, he climbs up the turnbuckle and holds the belt up above his head again, he does the same at each corner before settling in the middle of the ring.

Connoly: "Nobody thought I could do it, you said I was too old, I was past my prime, you said that I would get overwhelmed by the younger talent in the battle royal and would get eliminated in no time. Well, guess what, I'm standing here holding the FWO Heavyweight Championship while those other 9 hacks our licking their wounds, as a matter of fact I believe a few of them are still to injured to show up here tonight, some of them may have even had their careers ended."

The crowd is still in an uproar of boos, there hatred for Connoly clearly very intense, Connoly just smiles as he continues.

Connoly: "You can boo all you want, it does not change the fact that David Connoly is YOUR FWO WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! I told you it was going to happen, I told you the whole reason I came out of retirement was to finally get my hands on the top gold, to become the top guy that I deserved to be. Now I am, and I don't plan on letting this belt go anytime soon, I took on 9 of FWO's so called best, and I came out on top. If I can beat FWO's best all at the same time, then I wouldn't count on any of them doing any better one on one. But I didn't come out here to talk about how great I am, you already know that I'm great, that I'm a legend in this ring. The reason I came out here tonight is because I am a fighting champion, it's always been my belief that when your the champion, its your duty to prove you deserve to be champion, over and over again. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that you deserve to wear the title, and as much as you inbred retards boo me, as much as you're ugly mutant kids cry when i walk down that aisle, you all know deep down inside, that I deserve to wear this title more than anyone on the FWO roster. Because I'm BETTER than everyone else on the FWO roster!!"

The FWO fans show their clear disagreement with Connolys statement by flinging out insults and boos, as well as throwing trash and anything else they can find in the ring.

Connoly: "Well, you're in luck you white trash hicks, because like I said, I'm a fighting champion, and I know I'm the best their is in FWO. So if there is anyone back there in the locker room who actually think they can take this belt away from me, why don't you come out here and prove it, now's your chance gentlemen, let's see if you can knock the king off his mountain!"


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