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Name: Kagutsuchi.

Alignment: Heel

Height: 5 ft 10 inches

Weight: 322 pounds

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Kagut only does things if they benifit him and will always take the easy way out of things, The only time he does not take the easy way out is when in the ring where he slowly and meticulously beats down whatever stands before him

From: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Kagut’s childhood was nothing special, growing up in a stable and loving family. Some of his fondest memories from his childhood where of him watching wrestling in the early hours of the morning (In the UK the likes of Raw and WWE PPV are shown live which happens to be around 1AM here) with his grandfather.

It wasn’t until Kagut was around 13 that his life became somewhat interesting, Kagut had broke into his schools Rugby team and was now the first choice Loose-head Prop and it was thanks to the game that Kagut realised just how much fun you can have throwing your weight about. Within 2 years of his first game and knowing how much fun he could have he was not only playing Rugby for his school but also for a local club.

After leaving school Kagut was faced with the problem of not really knowing what he wanted to do with his life and because of this he got a job at a call centre, here he just coasted through his life every day the same. After a couple of years into his job he grandfather died from a heart attack and this is what propelled Kagut into changing his life and leading him towards wrestling.
Kagut has only been wrestling for a couple of years before signing for FWO who will also be the biggest organization that he will have worked for. Previously before joining the FWO Kagut had only worked for a small indie group where he quickly raised up the ranks but before being able to gain any of the titles on offer he moved to the FWO.

Picture: Don't have one yet.

Finisher: Fall of Man - kicks his opponent in the gut and applies a front face lock flicking the opponents arm over his head Kagutsuchi lifts him in a vertical suplex, falling back Kagutsuchi turns so that when they land he has fallen on top with a body slam


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