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Post  El Gallo Cansado on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:36 am

Wrestler Name: El Gallo Cansado

Alignment: Tweener, tends to lookout for himself and side with whomever will benefit him more at the time.

Height/weight: 6'1 / 225lbs

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Overconfident foreign star

Short Bio: EGC began his wrestling career at 19 in the underground wrestling circuits of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He busted onto the professional wrestling in Brazil after a few years and later Mexico. Now EGC is out to prove he can compete with the best from all over. Aside from his wrestling career, EGC keeps his past unknown - there are many wild accusations as to why - but most don't care and enjoy the mystery of EGC.

EGC is now 39 years old and a veteran of TWG, but looking to breakout and show everyone what hes made of.

Finisher(s): Flying Headbutt - El Gallo Cansado crouches ready to strike and launches himself head first into the opponents face executing a devastating Flying Headbutt.

Wrestler Pic: El Gallo Cansado Bio Resized-546-370-wrestlingmessicano0
El Gallo Cansado
El Gallo Cansado

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