The interference (part after the violence)

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The interference (part after the violence) Empty The interference (part after the violence)

Post  Skipo on Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:32 pm

Skipo is running through the ring still with the chair in his hands screaming of enjoyment while the crowd is booing their lungs out

Dale: O MY GOD! What have Skipo Just done..

Skipo throws the chair on the randoms head and grabs a mic.

Skipo: Look at you now! laying helpless in the ring! and you call yourself one of the greatest of FWO!?

Skipo Laughs

Skipo: I told you i was making your life at the FWO a living hell! and believe me.. this.. is NOTHING COMPARED WHATS GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU IN OUR MATCH!

Thunderstruck from AcDc is played and skipo walks away when he suddenly turns arround

Skipo: Ow yeah.. before i forget, You better watch your back mate!

Skipo throws the mic away and walks backstage while he puts he thumbs down and screams U SUCK against the crowd

Dale: He isn't making any friends around here acting like an A hole..

Olivier: What you need friends for? His eyes are totally focused on the title belt and he will do anything to get his hands on it, you dont wanna mess with this guy.


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