Mein Teil's arrival

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Mein Teil's arrival

Post  Mein Teil on Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:42 pm

Mein Teil comes walking towards the backstage entrance when Jennifer Bennett approaches him

Jennifer: "Uhm excuse me?"

Mein Teil stops and stares bleakly at Jennifer

Mein Teil: "Yes?"

Jennifer: "Are you Mein Teil?"

Mein Teil: "Yes I am"

Jennifer: "You do know that your name means, 'my thing'?"

Mein Teil sighs

Mein Teil: "Teil also mean part, stretch, area, district, section, share, piece, segment, portion, component, divide, separate into parts, dispart, split up, be separated, be divided"

Mein Teil sizes Jennifer up with a cold look

Mein Teil: "Let me guess, you've been talking to somebody who has a limited sense of humor"

Jennifer: "I don't really think that Teddy Jones would like to be called that"

Mein Teil grins at Jennifer

Mein Teil: "My ring name is supposed to mean My divide, so let me tell you something OK? Don't listen to him, he clearly wanted me to get upset and do something rash. Also if he keeps spreading stories about me, I might just get it into my mind to try and connect his nose with the ground"

Mein Teil turns and walks away, clearly not in a very good mood
Mein Teil
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